Days Of Future Past by Sally Smith O’Rourke


 I Was hooked from the start. I could not stop reading because I had to figure out what was really going on. Is there six main characters or only two? I thought it emotional and humorous.  I really enjoyed  the time setting, the characters and the main idea of the story about reincarnation. The story was intriguing and definitely kept my attention, I wasn’t able to put it down because I had to figure out what was going to happen and to whom. The only part of this book that I did not enjoy were the editing mistakes that I found. There were not a lot of them, but the couple of spelling and date mistakes that I noticed, had me backtracking to try to get it straightened out. When I really  just wanted to keep reading and keep into the groove of the book. Though I really enjoyed reading this story, those mistakes are the reason why I had to give it 4 stars instead of giving the book 5 stars like I felt it deserved.

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